Tips on how you can crack AIEEE to get admission in top 10 BCA/MCA colleges

AIEEE is not a difficult exam if you are well prepared for it. Below are the AIEEE exam preparation tips that will help you crack AIEEE with good marks if you follow them well.

As AIEEE is a lot related to the higher secondary education course, you must have the deep knowledge about all main subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology well. Having deeper knowledge will help save time going through different problems asked based on different topics in the exam and will save a lot of time which is a key aspect if in AIEEE exam if you want to score high.

In order to crack AIEEE with good marks management of time is important. There might be subject which you like and are good at and there might be subjects in which you are weak and probably require more time. If you want to do well in AIEEE examinations you need to increase speed to solve problems of subjects in which you are good so you can manage time for the subjects in which you are weak or require more time.

Always try to give higher priority to topics which are important Buy Viagra and keep them well ahead in your preparations. To check your current knowledge level and how your preparations going you can solve previous years question paper. It will give you the idea about the question paper format.

To crack AIEEE all that is required is speed with accuracy. In order to achieve good results you need to answer questions fast and with accuracy. As far as questions are concerned about 25% questions are easy to answer type, 50% are of average type with little calculations required and rest 25% are supposed to be difficult. For best time management we recommend you to do all easy questions first quickly.

Average and difficult questions require good calculation skills and deep knowledge about the subject so when you are answering them make sure considering all aspects in mind regarding a particular topic on which question is based. If you aim and are able to solve last 10 years AIEEE papers on your own honestly then nothing can stop you from scoring good marks in AIEEE. is leading education portal offering best information Top 10 MCA Colleges in India, Top 10 BCA Colleges in India and AIEEE 2013

How to Prepare for IGNOU B.ed Entrance Exam

IGNOU allows admission in B.Ed of only those students who have successfully qualified IGNOU B.Ed entrance examination. B.Ed entrance is conducted twice times in a year’s time by IGNOU. Students who wish to appear in IGNOU B.Ed entrance exam must have successfully scored a minimum of 55% of marks in graduation from any certified university/college. Below are some tips on how you can appear in IGNOU B.Ed entrance examination.

Students who wish to score good marks must essentially learn 10,000 vocabularies. Students are supposed to daily read and solve previous years question papers. In order to improve English and vocabulary it is also recommended to read two English newspapers and authors articles and editorials daily. This will improve the standard of English which is a very important factor when it comes to B.Ed entrance examination. B.Ed examinations comprise mathematics as a subject as well. So one should also be strong in mathematics and must practice fast calculation shortcuts with accuracy on a daily basis. Solving mathematics problems mentally instead of doing it on a paper helps in fast improvement and sharpens the calculation skills incredibly. Complete practice and course Viagra Online revision is the key to get success with flying colors in IGNOU B.Ed examination.

IGNOU B.Ed examinations which are being held in 2013, Format for the examination. In 2013 B.Ed examination total 100 questions will be asked which students have to answer within 120 minutes time duration. The total marks allotted to paper are 100 marks. Questions asked in the examination will be from subjects.

Part I: English Comprehension.

Part II: Analytical and Logical reasoning skills.

Part III: general Awareness and educational knowledge

Part IV: teaching skills.

Part B of the question paper will include questions from subjects English, Maths, Social Science, Hindi and General Science. Keep in mind these subjects and topics above might seem to be easy for you to worry, but IGNOU is one of the most prestigious universities on the world stage so exams held are not so easy as you think. To get good grades in IGNOU B.Ed entrance exams refers old question papers and reference book for best exam preparations.

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Know about management entrance exam CAT, MAT and CMAT

It is better to know which MBA entrance exam should be given by students as there are around 10 MBA entrance exam of national stature. It is vital for aspirants to evaluate himself and choose the right entrance exam for the management course. It is necessary that you select the exams considering factors like the university, the cost of fees etc.

CAT 2012

It is the biggest MBA entrance exam and students can get admission into 13 prestigious IIMs colleges and other 150 B -schools. In 2011 almost 1.85 lakh candidates were selected from 2.05 lakh students. The registration fee from CAT is Rs. 1600 and there is no need to apply for IIMs separately. However, non-IIM B-school will require separate application. Students aspiring of IIM should prepare extensively for the entrance exam as it is difficult to crack CAT. It is considered as one of the toughest exam in the world.

For the 2012, CAT will be held from October 11 to November 6, 2012. It will have two sections with separate timings.

MAT 2012

MAT is conducted by AIMA and is held four times a year. It is held in two formats and is a paper Cialis pencil and computer based as well. The registration fee is Rs. 1200 and the score of the exam is accepted in 195 B- schools all over the country. In Mat 2012 almost 32,000 candidates appeared for the entrance exam. It is a not a very difficult exam to crack and does not comprise of any surprises. The exam is moderate and is great for enrolling in mid tier B-school. There is no age limit for the test and also no marks limit in graduation.


Common management aptitude test is conducted by AICTE and is a computer based exam. It is conducted twice, once in September – October and the other in January – February. The registration fee is Rs. 1200. Various B-schools that accept AICTE scores like the Great Lakes institute of Management Chennai, We schools Mumbai and Bangalore, Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida, ITM Navi Mumbai and Bangalore to name a few. In 2012 almost 70,000 candidates appeared for CMAT entrance exam. The candidates who have scored well in one of the two exams will be considered for admission. is leading education portal offering Management Exams information like CAT 2012, CMAT 2012 and MAT 2012

Want admission in any of top 20 MCA/BCA colleges; crack AIEEE to assure your seats

AIEEE is examination held each year by the central education board. The examination serves as common platforms to rank students in order to arrange admission in different colleges for different courses accordingly. You might be wondering how to score good marks and crack AIEEE to get admission in top BCA/MCA colleges to fulfil your career dreams, below are some effective tips that can help you for sure.

Tips for cracking AIEEE:

In order to crack and secure good marks in examination preparation is the key. There are many ways and tasks you can do to prepare yourself better for the examination. Starting with internet one of the best way for preparation where you can find free test examinations held at regular intervals which can utilize for preparations. Online test despite being free is held and designed by analyzing past year question papers strategy and course study so one can consider as a serious source for AIEEE preparation.

Try solving different type of questions. AIEEE examination is an objective type examination where students have to solve complete question paper within very limited time so students must possess fast problem solving skills with accuracy. Speed can be achieved by Levitra Online solving old question papers. Try to complete solving question paper half hour before the allotted time in order to make it on time in examinations. There are many techniques in different subjects that can be utilized to get answers quickly. These techniques will allow you to choose the correct answer quickly with accuracy only when you have the proper practice on how to utilize these techniques well.

In AIEEE examinations negative marking rule is applicable. This means for every 4 incorrect answers you give your 1 mark is deducted from the total. So in examinations if you are stuck at any question and don’t have the clue about the answer instead of guessing an incorrect answer and promote negative marking in result better skip that  question. Questions asked in the examination are all related to subjects and no question is asked out of syllabus. So in order to crack AIEEE with good marks you need to have complete knowledge regarding different subjects that you have chosen to appear in examination with. is leading education portal offering best information about Top 20 MCA Colleges in India, Top 20 BCA Colleges in India and AIEEE 2013

IGNOU BIT- Bachelor of Information Technology

IGNOU has upgraded its BIT or Bachelor of Information Technology distance course. You can complete your BIT from this recognized Open University.  IGNOU has got international accolades from foreign universities due to the delivery of high quality BIT and other courses at very affordable costs.

Under BIT course, there are a number of disciplines like B Tech, BCA and other technical courses authorized by the university. To complete the BIT course at this university, one must be eligible to get admission in this stream.

First of all, the candidate should be an Indian citizen who must be 18 years to apply for the BIT course in IGNOU.  So far as academic qualification is concerned, an applicant must have the authorized certificates in 10+2 level. He should have legal certificates and documents as eligibility proofs.The duration of BIT course ranges from 3-6 years.  So you must do an effective research for the collection of reliable information in relation to the BIT and basic eligibility criteria. There are several BIT semesters.  Rs.7500 is chargeable as a onetime tri-semester Levitra Online course fee.

IGNOU has also launched a one-year advanced course in information technology or ADIT. After completing ADIT, you will be allowed to enter into the MCA level covering 3rdsemester.  So you need to be aware of the course duration, admission fees and basic eligibility procedures.  Finally, for more reliable data, you need to log in to the website of IGNOU for your own benefits.  Further, you can contact online experts for getting their valuable opinions in relation to BIT at IGNOU.

IGNOU has emulsified its BIT program thoroughly by introducing ultra-modern technology. The excellent training and amicable ambience are conducive to the proper nourishment of BIT and other technical courses.  Candidates are given the instant assistance offered by a team of scholars.  This Open University offers the cost effective BIT course.  Students must abide by the guidelines set by the university.  You will be given study materials and tech support to complete this BIT.

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IGNOU Previous Exam Papers are Best Helpers in Exam Preparation

As the course changes in very long time duration, many exams for the same courses are taken in IGNOU to test students each year. The course has been the same for several years so it is obvious questions that can be asked are limited. To ensure good grades in IGNOU exams a student must do the hard work. However many students have the phobia of examination and they feel helpless while in examination even if they are completely prepared and end up with bad grades just because of nervousness.

IGNOU take complete care of its students. As per IGNOU guidelines, students can refer to question papers of previous examinations to check their preparations and to prepare themselves for the coming examinations. Previous year question papers are a great help to students and it has many advantages that help students get good grades.

Those students who consider preferring previous year question paper are benefited as they understand better how their question paper will and in what format questions will be asked in the examination. Moreover one major benefit of referring IGNOU previous year the release of hgh at orgasem question paper is that some of the questions in the coming examination can also be present in previous exam question papers so student who have studied and prepared previous year questions papers can easily achieve good grades. There are available IGNOU question paper reference books in stores in which question papers of many past years are present in a bunch along with answers of latest year question papers.

If students are finding it difficult to get IGNOU reference books for question papers, for such students IGNOU has also made available IGNOU previous years question papers on the website as well. Students can anytime access the IGNOU official website to get previous year question papers. Apart from question papers, IGNOU is also offering student with solving assignments so they can prepare for the examinations at the best level. Students can order solved assignments directly to their homes by providing the order and information on the website. Solved assignments are provided separately of different subjects and work fields.

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IGNOU Ready to Introduce New Programs in 2013

IGNOU is one of the biggest open universities ofIndiaand the world. With already so many different educational programs available to students to choose from, IGNOU 2013 is going to introduce many new programs and courses into its education system even more. New courses and programs will be launched at the Bachelor’s, Master, Post Graduate and at Diploma levels and IGNOU is also planning to launch new certificate programs as well considering the advancement in technology and in the field of computers.

Latest IGNOU Courses 2013 will include some of the tourism field branches and tourism management courses. Latest courses in Bachelor’s degree include B. Tech engineering (Aerospace field), B. Sc in retail management and Fashion Merchandising. Leather goods certificate programs and so on. Bachelor of Computer Applications being one of the popular courses offered by IGNOU, admissions will first open for this course. A bachelors degree and Bachelor of science degrees in Nursing and Nursing administration are also offered as one of the degree programs in IGNOU. Master of Computer Applications is the only master’s degree available this semester as per IGNOU Volume Pills official website info.

IGNOU has added many options in postgraduate diploma courses. PG Diploma is available in the field of food science and technology andPlantationmanagement. PG Diploma courses in food safety and quality management including PG Diploma in agriculture courses are also available now with IGNOU. PG Diploma in higher education management, leadership and management, educational technology etc are also available.

Those who belong to the field of computers will be glad to know IGNOU is introducing many global level certificate programs in 2013. For post gradates there are many higher level certification exams will be offered in 2013. Certificate programs available for postgraduates include Cyber Law, project management, different language translation courses, insurance and medical certificate programs online. Holy books certificate programs and so on. Also IGNOU in 2013 is going to introduce new programs for English speaking and personality development. This is mainly due to the requirement of English speaking people as English is one of the global level spoken languages.

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Learn More About IGNOU Procedure for Admissions

IGNOU conducts various admission tests to enroll qualified students for further researches at this Open University.  Students can take the advantage of distance education by completing the whole MBA, MCA, BCA and MCOM/ MA courses from home. However, before starting courses at this Open University, a student needs to clear entrance tests for ensuring the trouble free studies under the full guidance and supervision of IGNOU authority. You will have to be acquainted with several admission procedures for the completion of various short and long term condensed courses to get degrees and certificates.

Admission procedures depend on the course and academic session.  For MBA students, IGNOU has set up a fruitful admission test to evaluate the quality of students. For appearing at the entrance test at MBA level, students must fill up barcode registration forms properly. Online admission forms are available in the official site of IGNOU. You can download forms for fill-up.  You need to give your personal details as per requirements.  The printed copies of admission forms must be kept intact for future reference.  You will have to paste two thumb nail size photographs of yours. You need to duly sign on Penis Enlargement the particular area in the forms. If it is an online registration form, you need to submit on the spot within the given time.  For a registration fees clearance, you need to get the demand draft for paying your exam fees.

The eligibility criteria of facing admission tests at MBA and graduate levels are as follows.   For instance, students must get 50 percent marks in the particular stream. If he belongs to creamy layer of schedule casts and schedule tribes, he will have to get 45 % marks in BA/BCOM/BBA. Widows, and physically challenged persons are fallen under special categories. They are given chances to choose the right subjects for studying at IGNOU. They also get financial benefits during online/offline registration process.  Students must be 18 years of age and Indian citizens. Demand drafts or challans with application forms need to be submitted at the Regional Centre of IGNOU.  Read information booklets and brochures to know in details about the commencement of admission tests, course fees, syllabi and other important facts in this regard.

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How to Get Admission in IGNOU B.ED

IGNOU is a well known open university. It has launched a number of distance and diploma courses in various disciplines. IGNOU is also offering the 2-years’ condensed course in B.ED. You will have to meet the basic requirements of the University for getting admission in this Open University. IGNOU has the pre-set the legal framework to run B.ED course.  Candidates must be a graduate or post graduate with 50 percent marks in the particular subject (honors/special honors) irrespective of other general subjects. He must be an Indian citizen. Though the minimum age bar is 18 years to apply for the post, there is no age limit to submit applications.  However, you will have to provide your personal and academic qualification details properly. IGNOU is not an unknown university. It has the brilliant performance record.  The B.ED department of this Open University has the worldwide reputation.  You can complete your 2-years B.ED to become qualified teachers. To serve in any Government/government aided schools, colleges and training centers, you need to have certificates in B.ED.

Online application forms are downloadable. You need to fill up the machine readable forms stating your name Electronic Cigarette, street address, date of birth, educational qualification, religion and financial status.  In this connection, you are requested to go through the information booklets which are available at regional centers of this Open University.  Teachers in service must have at least 1-2  years teaching experience.  In that case, they must provide the dully attested facsimiles of legal certificates, no-objection certificates and other important documents at the time of processing the application forms.  If there is any change in the existing application procedure, you need to check the official website of IGNOU to get current information in this regard.

There are both age relaxation and financial advantages for ST/SC/PH and widows. For general categories, there is a one-time registration fee which needs to be paid via bank/demand draft.  Two copies of self attested photos should be pasted on the particular space in the application forms.IGNOU has upgraded its B.ED course by inviting new training methods. Teachers are quite competent and qualified to guide trainees for the successful completion of B.ED course.

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Why to Choose IGNOU MEG Scopes and Courses Detail

For the last 26 years IGNOU has delivered the things it had targeted. From getting all the visionary changes to develop a real change in education to an over-all education policies helping the majority even for people living at the most of the farthest points from the main centers. With certain policies IGNOU has proved itself really acceptable and that has happened because of the wonderfully planned management systems. The management has also developed courses that can help everyone along with the different engineering and technical courses like MBA and MCA, there are others like graduations in the conventional courses. One of the most popular IGNOU course is the Masters of Arts English or MEG. The IGNOU MEG course starts in two different parts or sessions and people are allowed to get the admission form from its center at different times. From May or June the registration process starts and again done in February. The advertisement for both the sessions comes out in the middle of the year. The advertisement will contain everything that one needs to know about the course on MEG.

An idea electronic cigarette on the course of IGNOU MEG: The course is actually based on the study of English literature that is divided into two equal halves. The two halves are made to study in two years. The regular course is of two years though for distance and combined learning system, IGNOU MEG is extended up to 5 years. The medium is English. The first year syllabus is based mainly on the critical discussion on the British literature and the development of English poetry. Along with that, the last half is all about the British dramas. Taking a look into the second syllabus, it can bee seen that there is no more an English literature study and that will be shifted to the American literature.  The American study of their drama and the Indian- American joint study will be seen in the latter half. So, that gives an over-all idea of the whole IGNOU MEG syllabus.Plus there is a chance of downloading the syllabus to see everything in detail.

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